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SWITCH-Asia Programme
European Union

About us

The SWITCH-Asia Programme was launched in 2007 and is funded by the EU Development Cooperation Instrument. SWITCH-Asia is managed by the EuropeAid Development and Cooperation Directorate General of the European Commission.


You can reach the Development Co-operation Office at the
Directorate D, Asia including Central Asia
Unit D2, Centralised Operations
Office: J/54 03/56
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
E-mail | europeaid-switch-asia[at] 



The SWITCH-Asia Network Facility team, hosted by the CSCP, is composed of:


Dr. Uwe Weber

Team Leder[at] 

Dr. Patrick Schroeder

SCP Expert


Ms. Silvia Sartori

Communication & Networking Expert



Ms. Kartika Anggraeni

Technical Assistant

kartika.anggraeni [at] 


The SWITCH-Asia Network Facility can also be reached at:

network.facility[at] or  +49 202 4595812

The GFA Consulting Group is leading the consortium for the implementation of the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility. 



The SWITCH-Asia Programme also includes a Policy Support  layer which targets national and regional policy frameworks and their potential to encourage the uptake of SCP practices. The Regional Policy Support is implemented by UNEP.


Dr. Stefanos Fotiou is leading the UNEP activities.


You can reach the Regional Policy Support at the Regional Coordinator Ressource Efficiency UN Building 2nd Floor.


Rajdamnern Nok Avenue,

Bangkok 10200, Thailand
Phone + 662-288-1133 • Fax + 662-280-3829